Asking for Trouble 2018

November 07, 2019

I performed the role of PANTS in The Devil's Pants by Julia Specht, part of Ensemble Studio Theatre's Youngblood Asking for Trouble 2018.

Roundtable Reading of THRIVE

September 21, 2019

I was part of a round-table reading of THRIVE: Or What You Will {A Baret Play} by LM Feldman, co-conceived with Larissa Lury, with several agents and Literary Managers in attendence.

Guest Artist with Summer Stage

August 10, 2018

It was such a treat to perform alongside young vibrant actors in new plays by fresh young playwrights in Cap Rep's SUMMER STAGE!

Capital Repertory Theatre

111 N Pearl St, Albany, New York 12207

Aug 9 - Aug 12

Next Act! New Play Summit Reading

June 02, 2018

I was a reader in Capital Repertory Theatre's Next Act! New Play Summit! I participated in the THE FIRST 15 event – where audience members act as literary managers and vote on whether or not they would request the full script to read.

The Adventures of American Muslims

June 01, 2018

I read in an open rehearsal of THE ADVENTURES OF AMERICAN MUSLIMS by Hammaad Chaudry at New Dramatists. 

Bloodworks Reading

May 08, 2018

I performed in Old Fucking Friends by Cary Gitter, directed by Colette Robert, part of Ensemble Studio Theatre's Youngblood Bloodworks Readings.

Ah! Jerusalem

May 03, 2020

I'll be embodying Golda Meir (among others) in this delightful musical by Bernie Kukoff, Alan Gelb, and Lucille Lichtblau. Produced by Broadway and Hollywood veteran Bernie Kukoff, who also created  ‘The Cosby Show”.

Brave New Works

April 28, 2018

I am delighted to read stage directions for the Tiny Houses by Stefanie Zadravec, directed by May Adrales. The reading is part of Brave New World Theatre's BRAVE NEW WORKS FESTIVAL.

Oxnam Play Festival

April 11, 2018

I performed in The Bad News Bearers, a new play by Drew University student Mikhaela Simon. The play won the 2018 Robert Fisher Oxnam Award in Playwriting. This Festival is a collaboration between Drew University and The Ensemble Studio Theatre.

SLUT by Nayna Agrawal

April 09, 2018

I'm performing in SLUT by Nayna Agrawal, Directed by Emily Lyon. The reading will present as part of Hunger & Thirst Theatre's TELLING TRIFLES, a Festival inspired by Susan Glaspell. 

When: Monday April 9th at 8:30pm 

Where: West End Theatre, following a performance of a few short plays. 

On Camera Class with Jessica Cummings

February 07, 2018

I am thrilled (and terrified) to be honing my on-camera technique in an ongoing class with the marvelous teacher, Jessica Cummings at the The Freeman Studio!

Take Action Workshop

January 27, 2018

I had the opportunity to join Jon Shear's TAKE ACTION class and workshop a scene from The Color Of Mourning, a new screenplay by Kim Dempster.

Script Development in Princeton

January 30, 2018

Reading the role of Miss Eureka in script workshop of a new play by Migdalia Cruz in Princeton, NJ, directed by Elena AarozMiaou-Wow- Wow: Don’t Drink Everything Your Mother Pours You is a play that Araoz helped Princeton commission from the writer.

Shooting an Industrial with SmartPros

December 20, 2017

On set for an industrial film at SmartPros Studio for Health Care Consulting Services (HCCS).

Workshopping THRIVE

December 19, 2017

I spent the day contributing to THRIVE by Lauren Feldman, directed by Larissa Lury. THRIVE is a play in development, funded by the Women's Project

Paradise by Laura Maria Censabella

October 05, 2017

I have been cast as Yasmeen Al-Hamadi in Laura Maria Censabella's new play Paradise.

Paradise tells the story of a Muslim-American teenage girl in the Bronx and her mysterious high school biology teacher (played by veteran actor Grant Shaud).

Passage Theatre--Luna Stage Co-production

October 5- November 19, 2017

FONT at Geva Theatre Center

October 27, 2017

I spent the week in Rochester, NY, exploring the role of Getee in the play HEARTLAND by Gabriel Jason Dean as part of Geva Theatre Center's Festival of New Theatre (FONT). 

Geography of Velocity

July 23, 2017

I'll be performing in Jim Ferrell's play The Geography of Velocity at PS21 in Chatham, NY. This new play explores the complexities of experience behind the story of a father and daughter who emigrate from Romania to New York City in 1988 fleeing the oppressive regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The staged reading is directed by Robert Zukerman.

A workshop at New Georges

July 17, 2017

I will spend the week with playwright Lauren Feldman, director Larissa Lury, and 4 other actresses exploring a piece of devised theatre, part of New Georges "Audrey Residency." We will re-construct the journey of Jeanne Baret — rockstar botanist, first woman to circumnavigate the globe (albeit masked as a man), mother who refused to be a mother.


December 25, 2019

Check out this review in the New York Times of The Good Muslim!

36th Marathon of One-Acts -- "The Good Muslim"

June 10, 2017

I'm performing the role of Aliah, in Zakiyyah Alexander's THE GOOD MUSLIM, directed by Billy Carden. Part of the the Ensemble Studio Theatre's 36th Marathon of One-Acts, SERIES C. Running from June 10th-30th at the Ensemble Studio Theatre, 545 West 52nd Street, NYC. 

Reader at New Dramatists

June 13, 2017

I was a reader at New Dramatists' AFTER SEVEN FESTIVAL. This is an annual festival celebrating the playwrights who are completing their seven-year residencies: Annie Baker, Daniel Beaty, Madeleine George, Sibyl Kempson, James McManus, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Betty Shamieh, and Francine Volpe. 

I had the privelege to read excerpts from Betty Shamieh's As Soon As Impossible and Malvolio

Featured Actor in BYSTANDERS

May 23, 2017

I was a featured actor in BYSTANDERS: An evening of readings on the subject of witnessing, resisting and persisting.

Presented by the Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue

Founding Director: Anna Deavere Smith

16 Cooper Square, NYC 

Film: Ahead Xing

May 16, 2017

I spent the day on a film set in Edison, NJ. Playing the role of Veena, a fictitious YouTube anchor, in the film, Ahead Xing. The film is directed by Suhir Ponncchamy. 

Bellevue Literary Review Spring Issue

May 16, 2017

I'll was featured as a reader at an evening to celebrate the BLR's Spring 2017 issue. 

Id Theatre’s Id-iots at Play

May 08, 2017

I performed at Id Theatre's NYC Sit In! id-iots at Play: 8th Misbehavin'. 

I portrayed a Muslim refugee in Daydreams and Nightmares by Brian Quirk, directed by Shira-Lee Shalit.

6:30 p.m. Monday, May 8, at Jimmy’s No. 43, 43 E. 7th Street in the East Village.

BEES in Michigan

April 25, 2017

On April 25th and 26th, I'll be performing The Secret Life of Bees at the Macomb Center in Clinton Township, Michigan. 

Video from "The Art of Memory"

January 01, 2020

Check out live recordings from "The Art of Memory": A Performance of Poetry and Prose from the Bellevue Literary Review. The BLR's Off the Page Series brings the poetry and prose published in the Bellevue Literary Review to life through performance by actors from stage and screen. On October 19, 2016, the BLR presented a performance of work from their fall theme issue, "The Art of Memory," featuring actors Lily Balsen and Jinn S. Kim.  

Yearning to Brunch Free!

April 02, 2017

EST Youngblood's April 2nd Brunch, I'll be performing in Edessa Tailo's Baba, where Iraqi families are mysteriously turning into eggplants. 

Residency in Prince George's County

March 05, 2017

For two weeks I toured THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES to underserved students in Prince George’s County Public Schools. 20 performances and 3,500 students!!

BEES in Portland, ME

December 08, 2016

Excited to bring my one woman show, "The Secret Life of Bees" to Portland Ovations in Portland, ME on December 8th! 

EST YoungBlood's Holiday Brunch

December 08, 2019

Delighted to perform in Cary Gitter's The First Chanukah in Younblood's Holiday Brunch!

FilmColumbia Festival

October 29, 2016

I'll be part of FilmColumbia's Screenwriter's Panel, moderated by actor Scott Cohen (Kissing Jessica Stein, The Other Woman, Allegiance). 

This event is happening twice:

Saturday, 10 am- Tracy Memorial Chatham

Saturday, 2 pm- Hudson Opera House, Hudson

New Play Reading of MENORAH

October 24, 2016

I'll be playing the role of Nadia in a reading of Cary Gitter's new play MENORAH with the West of 10th Theater Company, directed by Michael Leibenluft. The reading will take place on Monday, October 24 at 7:30 pm at New Perspectives Theater Company on 37th and 10th Ave.

Asking for Trouble @Ensemble Studio Theatre

October 18, 2016

I'll be performing in Dan Giles "Last Cigarette," directed by Dara Malina. This brand spanking new 10 minute play is part of SERIES B and will perform during the following times:
Tuesday 10/18 - 9pm
Thursday 10/20 - 7pm
Saturday 10/22 - 8pm

Bellevue Literary Review "The Art of Memory"

October 19, 2016

I'm thrilled to be performing at Off the Page series "The Art of Memory," October 19 @ 6pm, the Bellevue Literary Review's fall 2016 journal kickoff series. I'll be reading alongside actor Jinn S. Kinn. 

Wednesday Oct 19, 6-7:30 pm 

NYU Medical Center (First Ave at 31st Street). 

Performance ~75 minutes, no intermission. FREE!

The Bellevue Literary Review was created as a forum for creatively exploring a broad array of issues in medicine and society, using fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to better understand the nuanced tensions that define our lives both in illness and in health.

Film: 20 Minutes of Action

October 07, 2016

20 MINUTES OF ACTION is now live on IMDB and will be submitted to festivals this Fall. I deliver a 10 minute monologue (along with 29 other women) in this a documentary-style film that brings to life through performance the harrowing victim's impact statement written by the Brock Turner rape survivor known as Emily Doe. Charles Nuckolls directs.

Writing on the Wall

August 09, 2016

WRITING ON THE WALL, A Staged Reading. Featuring: Margot Avery, Lily Balsen, Crawford Collins, Bob Jaffe, Jim Nugent, Jay Patterson, Mike Smith Rivera. Written & Directed By Charles Nuckolls. Post-Performance Talkback & Reception. 6:30pm on Tuesday August 9th at the ENSEMBLE STUDIO THEATRE, 549 W 52ND ST, NYC.

PTP/NYC After Dark!!

August 04, 2016

On Thursday August 4th at 10pm at The Atlantic Stage 2 (330 West 16th St., NYC) , I'll be performing in a new play reading of ANTIGONES By Eric Marlin, directed by Emma Weinstein. Two bros watch the dissident Antigone buried alive on national television. The spectacle inspires a misguided attempt to capture her martyrdom in art, as they glibly repurpose her story in search of some truth about the nature of suffering. 

Performing with PROJECT Y THEATRE's WiT Festival

July 22, 2016

Staged reading of "Sycorax: Cyber Queen of Qamara" by Fengar Gael, directed by Cheryl Faraone, as a part of Project Y Theatre's WOMEN IN THEATRE FESTIVAL at Theatre Row! 8pm. Featuring Lily Balsen, Bill Army, Ana Reeder, and others. 

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the sorceress, Sycorax, was reported by Prospero deceased, but Sycorax is still alive, having waited five hundred years for the ideal technology to reveal the truth of her story to the widest possible audience: the World Wide Web. While Big Brother was watching, Big Sister was waiting.

Summer Schtick 2016 Returns to PS21

July 15, 2016

I'll be returning to the PS21 Tent (the scene of last year's craziness) for two nights only of SHTICK ‘EM UP! Summer Shtick, Volume 2! Audiences didn’t seem to get enough shtick last summer so it’s back for two nights only! All new comedy, scenes, monologs, Music and a variety of amusing characters will take to the stage in this new production! Friday 7/15 & Saturday 7/16 @8pm.

EST/YoungBlood AutoBrunchography

June 11, 2016

Delighted to perform in Chiara Atik's A Little Softer Now , directed by Danya Taymor at EST/Yougblood's June brunch!! www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org/est-youngblood/

EST/Youngblood April BRUNCH

May 01, 2016

April 3rd BRUNCH: I had the opportunity to perform the role of Tessa in Jahna Ferron-Smith's twisted play, S1gn2 at the EST/YOUNG BLOOD April brunch, "I See Brunch People". John Giampietro directed and Lilli Stein and Chris Wight joined me on stage. Twist endings, bacon, and good company! www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org/est-youngblood/

May 02, 2016

I recorded two audio books for the educational children's book app, "One More Story." stay tuned for my narration of Rita's Rhino by Tony Ross and The Day Louis Got Eaten by John Fardell! What fun!! www.onemorestory.com

March 2016 BEES tour

May 01, 2016

From Olympia, WA to Sandpoint, ID to Salmon, ID to Mountain Home, ID -- I traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest sharing 'The Secret Life of Bees.' 

Bounty of Lace, reading

December 01, 2015

I read the role of Judith in Susan Merson's Bounty of Lace at the 13th Street Rep. 










The Secret Life of Bees in Concord, NH

November 18, 2015

I performed THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES for 600 high school students at the Capitol Center for the Performing Arts. 

I am A Camera

November 01, 2015

I am working on the role of Sally Bowles from John Van Druten's I Am a Camera for Wynn Handman's acting class. What an amazing play and role. No wonder it inspired the musical Cabaret! Here I am with Wynn Handman and Billy Lyons.


Film Columbia Festival 2015

October 24, 2015

I performed on two screenwriter's panels at the Film Columbia International Film Festival in Chatham, NY. Here I am with a fellow actor on the panel, Lauren Ambrose!!

Performing in Las Vegas!

September 12, 2015

My first national tour performance of The Secret Life of Bees is in Las Vegas at Nevada Humanities!

Previews for The Secret Life of Bees

August 29, 2015

PREVIEW PERFORMANCES of the Literature to Life® Stage Adaptation of THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES by Sue Monk Kidd!! Performed by Lily Balsen, Adapted by Wynn Handman, Directed by Billy Lyons and Wynn Handman

Tuesday and Wednesday September 8th and 9th at 7pm
Wynn Handman Studio
244 West 54th, 10th Floor 
In the traditional Literature to Life® fashion, there will be a Pre & Post Show Talk moderated by a Literature to Life® Teaching Artist. 
Program Run Time: approximately 100 minutes


Summer Schtick at PS21

July 11, 2019

On Friday July 10th, I performed in the "Summer Shtick" at Performance Space for the 21st Century (PS21) in Chatham, NY. It was a delight to take part in this evening of comic mayhem! I even contributed my own original pieces! --And I got some laughs! Very scary to do and so exhilarating on the other end. It was such a hite that there are rumors of a Winter Shtick!

Literature to Life!!

May 31, 2015

I've been cast as the new solo performer for the Literature to Life stage adaptation of The Secret Life of Bees! 


Literature to Life is a vestige of the American Place Theatre. Wynn Handman is the artistic director and he (along with his assistant, Billy Lyons) will be directing me in the one-woman show. I am so honored to work with Wynn professionally (he is also my well-adored acting teacher).

New Friends

May 09, 2015